Rumors in Sandpoint

As in any small community, gossip accents every business transaction and spices every evening meal. Anyone who spends a night at one of the taverns might hear one of the following rumors, some of questionable veracity.

  • Sheriff Hemlock shares a long-running, “secret” romance with Lady Kaye, madam of the town brothel.
  • The ghost of the murderer Chopper haunts Chopper’s Isle, just north of town.
  • The White Deer Inn used to be the Black Deer Inn, but was tastefully renamed after the fire.
  • Ask Ven Vinder at the general store to see the “wine cellar” and he’ll sell you a jug of disgusting but potent rotgut.
  • Farmer Grump claims the Sandpoint Devil, a horselike monster with bat wings, once flew off with one of his prized sows.
  • Old Ilsoari at the museum sometimes wanders the beach at night, looking for treasures.
  • Don’t go down to the junktoss after dark: goblins steal the trash at night.
  • Solsta Vinder claims Sczarni stole her sheets last week and two cooling pies a week before that.
  • The new cathedral is magically protected from catching fire.
  • Murdermaw, a giant red snapper big enough to bite a boat in half, lurks in the Varisian Bay.
  • The Deverin family was once affiliated with the Chelish resistance, but was forced to flee to Varisia.

Late Unpleasantness

Dozens of citizens of the town were killed in 4702 AR by a crazed artist named Jervis Stoot. These are related events are termed the “late unpleasantness” by locals. Notable deaths include the town’s sheriff Casp Avertin, noblewoman Atsuii Kaijitsu and the town’s high-priest Ezakien Tobyn.


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