Magnimar, The City of Monuments

Magnimar is a large city-state located on the southern coast of the Varisian Gulf.

Five things everyone knows about Magnimar:

  1. There is a monument to someone or some event on every street corner, in every plaza, and overlooking every shop in this city. If stone could work, there’d be no need for laborers in Magnimar. If you close your eyes and take 10 steps in any direction – you’ll come up to a monument. Some are tiny, but most of the very large ones are Thassilonian in origin.
  2. Magnimar is a city-state, and only one of two in all of southern Varisia. This grants the mayor extra titles and prestige. Since there can only be one Lord-High Mayor, the other nobles vie for a seat on the Council of Ushers. There are currently 117 seats, and no doubt a petition is permanently in place to increase their number.
  3. Magnimar breaks itself into 4 areas over which it claims ownership and control: The summit (where the rich people live atop the cliff), the shore (where the money comes from below the cliff), the shadow (crime and poverty-ridden under the ancient Thassilonian bridge called the Irespan) and the holdings (settlements far outside the city’s walls, like Sandpoint).
  4. The Court of Magnimar meets in the Pediment Building, which also serves as a prison for the city’s most hardened criminals, located in a dungeon deep beneath the building called “the Hells.” Most cases are decided by travelling judges, accompanied by one or two axemen. More often than not the judge comes to the accused, not the other way around.
  5. Every bar and tavern along the edges of Seerspring Gardens claim there are long and winding tunnels under the city that lead into and out of every important residence and shop. These are either new passageways for a secret cult, or the dying remnants of the city that was once part of the Irespan.


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