Savage Rise of the Runelords

Smuggling tunnels
Swallowtail Festival
Shoanti attack

People gather to celebrate the Swallowtail Festival and the grand opening of the new temple.

  • Influential people give speeches and the new high priest is introduced.
  • Young Shoanti hunters from several tribes attack the town and cause chaos.

The aftermath:

  • The Shoanti are driven off
  • Several young women are missing and seem to be kidnapped, including one of the daughters of Tiberiu Valdemar, and Ameiko Kaijitsu.
  • The body of Ezakien Tobyn, the former high priest of Desna, was stolen from a crypt.
  • Aldern Foxglove was saved.
  • Earth-Root, an old Shoanti shaman, was captured.

Earth-Root was interrogated.

  • Leaders of the small tribes are led by a green-eyed pale shaman woman.

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