Sir Luca

Veteran Hellknight


Maralictor Luca is a Chelaxian hellknight, a veteran of the Order of the Scourge, headquartered near the capital city of the Empire of Cheliax, Erogan. Impressed by Franco Castillo’s zeal and skill in arms, Sir Luca recruited the veteran warrior to his neverending quest to excise the rot at the heart of civilization. As even the leadership of the knightly order was disturbed by Castillo’s uncompromising savagery, they covertly commanded Sir Luca to find the freshly anointed knight some task that would hopefully put some distance between him and the civilized regions of Cheliax. With their latest task taking them well beyond the borders of Cheliax and into the anarchic wilds of Varisia, Sir Luca was relieved to find just such a task for his former Armiger.

An imposing sight in his Hellknight plate, Sir Luca is a dedicated and fearless warrior and a keen investigator. Though unquestionably loyal to his order and his vows, he finds himself slightly unnerved by his younger companion, and secretly fears that the nihilistic brutality of Castillo’s approach to punishing the sinners of the World brings him too close to the chaos he is supposed to battle.

Sir Luca

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