Exotic gunslinger from Alkenstar



Young soldier and a gunslinger.

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor CHA Pace Sanity Parry Toughness
d12 d8 d4 d6 d8 +0 6 2/4 8(1) 8(2)
Agility skills: Fighting d10, Shooting d12, Stealth d4
Smarts skills : Notice d4, Healing d6, Repair d6
Spirit skills: N/A
Bad Luck (major): Usually nothing seems to go right for Justus. He stumbles often, gets deathly sick, and always catches the stray bullet. (-1 Benny)
Outsider (minor): Justus has strayed far from Alkenstar. He has a different set of habits and a dark skin to show from it.
Vow (minor): Our hero always keeps his word and is not too careful when giving it. The naivete of youth and a half-conscious desire to live up to his given name drive Justus to aspire knightly virtues. War was not enough to purge these thoughts, but the company he keeps might.
Insanity (paranoia, mild): Contacts with otherworldly forces have stained Justus’s soul and planted fear in his mind. Because of this, one can almost always see him nervously fingering his pistols or striking sparks from flint. More disturbingly, his friends know that Justus never goes anywhere without his trusty explosives.
Edges & Advancements
Glory 28: Heroic Reputation +1
Alkenstar gunslinger: Gain Revolver as starting equipment.
N05 *Marksman:
N10 Agility +1 die
N15 Shooting +1, Fighting +1
S20 Two-Fisted
S25 Vigor +1 die
S30 ?
Coat of Plates, Parrying Dagger, Short Sword, 2x 6-Shot Revolver, 4x Blackpowder Grenade
Coat of Plates: +2 Armor (torso, arms).
Parrying Dagger Fighting Damage Other
Reach 0 d10 1d6+1d4 +1 Parry
Short Sword Fighting Damage Other
Reach 0 d10 1d6+1d6 -
6-Shot Revolver Shooting Damage Other
Range 5/10/20, Reload 0, 2 turns if empty d12 2d6+1 -
Grenade Shooting Damage Other
Range 5/10/20, Reload N/A d12 3d6 -

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