Franco Castillo

Bereaved avenger



Bereaved avenger.

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor CHA Pace Sanity Parry Toughness
d6 d6 d8 d10 d10 2(2) 6 4/6 8+1 10 (3)
Agility: Fighting d12, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Swimming d4
Smarts: Notice d6, Streetwise d4, The Measure and the Chain d6, Tracking d4
Spirit: Intimidation d6
Vengeful (major): While extremely disciplined, the obsessive zeal with which Franco pursues punishment for the wicked goes beyond sanity; He cannot truly be reasoned with when it comes to his diabolical crusade to bring Hell to sinners, though it might be possible to prove a criminal’s (relative) innocence through evidence or guile. But this is a perilous game to play…
Death Wish (minor): With the death of his family, Franco ceased caring. While he acts deliberately and systematically and usually plans his campaigns carefully, his own safety or survival rarely seem to factor in these schemes. Those few who have come to know Franco intimately sometimes speculate that perhaps what remains of his humanity seeks to rejoin all he ever cared about in the hereafter. Or perhaps he sees himself as the greatest lawbreaker of all…
Cautious (minor): Although seemingly reckless with regard to his own well-being, Franco retains an obsession to plan all of his actions carefully beforehand, and always seeks to gain as much information about his targets as possible in order to gain maximum advantage before making his move. He cares nothing for honor, and sees rash actions as more befitting servants of Chaos.
Jinxed (major): -1 Benny.
Corruption 1
Phobia, major: Demons
Edges & Advancements
Glory 43: Heroic Reputation +1, Combat Prowess
Hard to Kill
Veteran of the Hellknights: Start as Seasoned, gain a Hindrance.
N05 *Hellknight: Weapons, armor and a warhorse. +2 Cha with supporters. +2 Intimidation.
N10 Smarts +1 die
N15 Stealth +1, Notice +1
S20 Shooting +1, Lore +1
S25 Vigor +1 die
S30 Fighting +1 die
S35 Fighting +1 die
V40 Vigor +1 die
V45 Frenzy
V50 Improved Frenzy
V55 Nerves of Steel
H60 Strength +1 die, Assassin (bonus), Harder to Kill (bonus)
H65 Arcane Background (hellknight); Darksight, Environmental Protection (fire)
Hellknight Plate, lance, medium shield, warhorse, skull tabard, war journal, longsword, dagger, scourge, flintlock pistol, two blackpowder bombs.
Hellknight Plate: +3 Armor (head, torso, arms, legs).
Shield: +1 Parry, +2 Armor vs ranged, Push Str +2 damage.
Longsword Fighting Damage
Reach 0 d12 1d10+1d8
Lance Fighting Damage
Reach 2, Charging: +4 dam, AP 2 d12 1d10+1d8
Dagger Fighting Damage
Reach 0 d12 1d10+1d4
Flintlock pistol Shooting Damage
Range 5/10/20, Reload 2 d6 2d6+1
Bomb Shooting Damage
Range 5/10/20, Reload N/A d6 3d6

Franco was born to a family of freemen in Cheliax, near Erogan. Though succesful, he was ambitious and determined to improve the standing of his family. To this end, he enlisted as a man-of-arms in the armies of Cheliax, fighting to retain its grasp on overseas colonies. After a short but remarkable career, leaving behind tales of heroic deeds and appalling butchery in equal measure, he returned home a wealthy, if somewhat changed man. While hoping to leave war behind, violence would not let him go. Unbeknownst to Franco, his family had become the target of a band of corrupt city guards seeking to increase their wealth through racketeering. One fateful evening, upon returning from a business trip, Franco came across the gurads come back to avenge a spurned offer of protection. Combat ensued, and Franco was cut down, his estate burned, his wife and two children tortured and killed. Maralictor Luca, a Hellknight of the Order of the Scourge on the trail of the guards found their latest victims, and discovered that miraculously, Franco had survived. Recruited as an Armiger, his first assignment was to hunt down the murderers of his family. The fires that stole all he loved from Franco had apparently burned away all traces of compassion and hesitation from his heart, and his singleminded obsession for punishment rapidly gained him the rank of a full hellknight, with the slaying of a fiend of the Seven Hells in single combat.

The pursuit of a band of thieves brought Sir Luca and Castillo into Varisia, and joining forces with a man of commerce from the nearby town of Sandpoint, the rogues and the occult tome they had stolen were captured. During the final confrontation, Tiberiu was wounded, and Sir Luca charged Castillo with guarding the merchant while he recovered. Upon the chests of the thieves was carved an ominous occult symbol in the shape of a seven-pointed star. Sir Castillo now suspects that a sinister cult may be active in Varisia, and with the help of his new friends, is determined to seek out the truth of the matter – and punish all servants of chaos…

Franco Castillo

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