Savage Rise of the Runelords

Here there's no justice, just us
Mayhem in Magnimar

War Journal, 4707 AR Neth 9, Magnimar, Varisia
Brother of the Scourge Castillo, F.

Hail Thasaidon. The corruption and lawlessness of this city disgusts me. A minor triumph has been achieved against the Sihedron Conspiracy, as I and my associates have brought punishment upon the corrupt Judge Ironbriar and many of his minions. Regrettably, not much useful information was obtained from the interrogation, and the fire at his mansion likely further compromised much intelligence. A possible superior in his organization, if not its supreme commander, likely remains at large in the city. All leads pointing to this ‘Xanesha’ must be investigated thoroughly. A further setback was the escape of the half-savage Tsuto. He too must face the scourge of Law. As of tomorrow, I will be granted full Vestments of Office, with the local section of the Order of the Nail officiating the proceedings for want of other Knights of the Scourge. The Lord Mayor of Magnimar has wisely granted us full investigative authority, and one hopes to see the remnants of this brotherhood crushed beneath the Law like the vermin they are. There will be blood. Hail Thasaidon.

Smuggling tunnels
Swallowtail Festival
Shoanti attack

People gather to celebrate the Swallowtail Festival and the grand opening of the new temple.

  • Influential people give speeches and the new high priest is introduced.
  • Young Shoanti hunters from several tribes attack the town and cause chaos.

The aftermath:

  • The Shoanti are driven off
  • Several young women are missing and seem to be kidnapped, including one of the daughters of Tiberiu Valdemar, and Ameiko Kaijitsu.
  • The body of Ezakien Tobyn, the former high priest of Desna, was stolen from a crypt.
  • Aldern Foxglove was saved.
  • Earth-Root, an old Shoanti shaman, was captured.

Earth-Root was interrogated.

  • Leaders of the small tribes are led by a green-eyed pale shaman woman.

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